Mother-K HUG Tumbler with a Straw (350 ml.)


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Maintains warmth and hygiene in children’s drinks.
Maintains temperature, perfect for trips. Dual vacuum system.

The heat lasts up to 6 hours.
Stainless Steel.
Medical steel SUS316 and SUS304
V-shaped valve.
Drip, liquids run only when the baby is pulled.

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The heat in the thermos lasts up to 6 hours, because of the double steel vacuum system. High-grade steel ensures hygiene and durability. Premium stainless steel is very durable and does not absorb stains such as juice or tea. Also, drinks in this thermos stay fresher for longer.

When your baby grows up, you can additionally buy a Storage Lid and use the bottle as a container for bulk products, put snacks for traveling, your favorite smoothie or yogurt.
NOTE! The Storage Lid does not hold hot liquid as it is not designed for this purpose.
To continue using the bottle as a hot liquid container, use the original bottle cap (after removing the straw).

Wash and sterilize with hot boiled water before use. Do not boil or use boiling water as the shape of the bottle will deform.
The baby should clench the straw vigorously and suck it (breastfeeding principle).
Wash after each use.

• Use only for its intended purpose.
• Do not use the HUG Tumbler as a soother;
• Do not use washing equipment with rough surfaces;
• For safety and hygiene reasons, change the straw every 2-3 months;
• Do not use in a microwave, steam or UV sterilizers;
• Always check the temperature of the contents before giving it to your baby for drinking;
• Use only with parental care and keep out of the reach of children;
• Keep away from fire, hot surfaces and direct sunlight;
• Be sure to inspect the product before feeding and replace it immediately if the bottle or straw is damaged.


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Additional information

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