COMBO 3 K-MOM Zero-Dust Stain Cleaners + Gift (Squirrel 70)

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Great time to buy! As many as three stain removers and K-MOM wet wipes 70 pcs. Squirrel (with sunflower seed oil) Comprises:

3 K-MOM Zero-Dust stain Cleaners

K-MOM Wet wipes 70 pcs. Squirrel (with sunflower seed oil) The dates of manufacture are indicated on the packaging. The product is valid for 36 months. From the date of manufacture.


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Why choose a K-MOM Zero-Dust stain remover? A tool for removing stains without any hassle and reducing the number of daily washings. With plant active substances-non-irritating herbal extracts used. -Unused petroleum products. The desire of each mother is to give your child the best of all! Instruction on how to remove stains: About 8 Spray 1 sq. m. M 1. Spray well to moisten stains. 2. Rub the stain by hand. 3. Depending on the spots, leave for 1-5 to penetrate the cleanmeter. 4. Wash with detergent or clean with a damp cloth. Where to use?

  • When handling the house: Clean furniture, carpets, table linen, bedding (items that can not be washed frequently).
  • Under the supervision of baby items: wheelchairs, reusable earrings, underwear, bibs, socks, etc.
  • Caring for adult clothes: light shirts, their cuff, removing lipstick, coffee stains, etc.
Vegetable seed extracts are also certified by USDA. The seed oil perfectly SOEs and moisturizes the delicate skin of babies. Napkin material of a thick relief layer, its help with a single napkin allows you to qualitatively wipe the necessary places. Suitable for the entire body of the baby, soothe irritated places, moisturize the dry skin. K-MOM napkins made of double-cross, Reljiefinio fabric with sunflower seed oil for skin softening (70 pcs).

  • USDA Certified.
  • Extracts of various vegetable seed oils.
  • Only one napkin pulls out of the package.
  • Napkins are not self-limiting.
  • Undergo dermatological tests.
  • Contains especially purified water.
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