COMBO suggestion NB size (up to 4kg) Napkin + Mother-K extra-light, body-colored disposable breast pads

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Great COMBO offer:

Sappy: Size – Newborn. Adhesive stickers. Infant weight – up to 4kg. Pack-40 PCs. Suitable from birth. The five magical layers that absorb liquids instantly and evenly, do not allow leakage of urine and do not produce fluid, prevent leakage, and do not fall.

Mother-and-K especially light, body-coloured disposable pads in a bra. 32pcs. Especially lightweight, tailored for everyday use. Body color pads, so invisible. With double absorption band. Size: 13, 5cm. X 11, 5cm. 1. Individual packs with two stickers. Easily glued to the packaging. 2. Strong absorbing line. Quickly absorbs fluids even during long periods of wear. 3. Safe carrying as well as the absorption line on the back side of the blanket. This gives the liquid a double strength. 4. Invisible, body colors from the outside. 5. Four strong and wide adhering tapes. Ensures stable self-adhesive inside the brassieres. 6. Comfortable to wear.



Body Color pads. Not visible after sticking in a jacket. 4 wide fastening tapes that ensure a strong grip inside the bras. The pads are soft as cotton, do not irritate sensitive skin. You will feel the entire service life, due to double absorption bands. Double protection prevents leakage. Usage: You will find the two stickers inside the insert. Attach the adhesive to the inner side of the bra. Composition: surface, non-woven fabric, lining – natural fibers of recycled wood, strong absorbent tape and liquid-resistant tape – polyethylene film. Napkin 1. Especially elastic. 20mm expansive waist belt. 2. Ultra thin-only 2mm. Remains thin and absorbers liquids. 3. Five magical layers: • Instantly absorbs liquids. • Even urine absorption. • Prevents leakage of urine and does not result in liquid lumps. • Prevents leakage. 4. Balanced air Permeability: • 3D embossed surface. • Reduced contact with the lining of the deer protects the baby's skin and makes breathing easy. 5. Intelligent indication of urinary tract. As a result, you can know when to change your earrings. 6. Double leakage protection. No need to worry even when a child is actively moving. 7. Especially gentle. Stickers do not irritate the skin. The outer and inner fabric is very soft, so it protects the delicate skin of the baby

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