COMBO Motion Silicone Feeding bottle (260 ml.) Pink + Silicone Feeding bottle handle

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Silicone feeding bottle made of silicone applied to liquids. Capacity-260 ml. BPA-free. Certified quality. The bottle is sold with a silicone teat (SS) slow Flow current – 0-2 months. Storage handle for silicone vials. The size is perfectly suited to the bottle, even when it is moved, the handle does not slip.    



We take care of the smooth and enjoyable transition of your infant's feeding from mom to bottle, ensuring simplicity and reliability. Why a silicone Mother-K bottle? The baby is looking for a mother's breast when hungry. Our silicone bottles provide a similar feeling, such as the breast of the mother. A 360-to five-degree teat, helping the baby to feel the bottle easier. It is also very gentle, it delivers warmth as if the baby is like a mother's chest. 1) As a mother's skin. Gentle bottle of silicone material. 2) Safe silicone material. BPA-free and heavy-metal. Perform safety tests. 3) before abdominal colic. ANTI-COLIC. There is an air circulation valve. It controls the amount of air entering the bottle, which helps to reduce the chances of a complete blow to the baby. 4) Do not take the dust off the bottle. Special production method. Mother-K has developed a special silicone material for dust and dirt, which helps to keep the bottle easy to care for. 5) Special method for combining materials. Without glue connection points. 6) especially easy to wash. 7) Special appearance of the bottle with clear marking. At night also visible quantity of dosing tape! Safe and gentle silicone material. The highest protection compliant silicone is suitable for liquid use. -High quality silicone for liquids, BPA, endocrine disruptors Allowing the hand temperature of mothers to be transferred during meals. -Non-slip, easy to use for mom and child. Certified Quality! Mother K silicone bottles made from liquids adapted silicone, which is used medicinally are approved by the U.S. FDA for safety standards. Studies have proven that the product is non-toxic and without heavy metals.    

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