Expectant mother’s belly cream



Take care of the beauty and elasticity
    of your skin during pregnancy!
Protect your body from stretch marks.

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Due to hormone changes during pregnancy, weakened immunity system
can cause dramatic skin changes leading to inflammation, dryness and
itchiness of the skin. Breaking of collagen tissue during pregnancy can
result in skin burst feeling, itchiness or tightness which triggers
inflammation to turn white line to red line, that tend to stay permanent.
So skin care during pregnancy is especially important due to
inflammation –
 it does not recover easily due to weakened
immunity. Therefore preventive
 care is very important,
before skin trouble actually happens.

Certified ingredients – all for your health.

1. If you experience reddish spots, swelling or itchiness
on your skin after use or under the sun, stop the use and
consult with the dermatologist.
2. Avoid the use on skin cuts.
3. Keep it out of reach of children.
4. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

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