K-MOM Antibacterial Zipperbags (L)


K-MOM Large-sized, antibacterial, reusable bags (L) • 28cmx24cm. • 15 PCs. • Baby bottles, children’s cutlery, food storage boxes, earrings, children’s clothes, toys, etc. Practical and hygienic MUST-HAVE!  PULL-Out, REUSABLE POUCHES for storage of infant, mother and baby’s BELONGINGS, when leaving home and for comfortable holding. K-MOM antibacterial, anti-seizure bags prevent harmful bacteria and protect the child’s health. Children’s items are now much more convenient to carry! • Exclusive anti-bacterial surface. • Variety of sizes. • Easy distribution at the bottom of the bag.

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For the convenience of moms.
Mothers who tested K-MOM’s pull-out bags are boldly confirming their benefits.
A broader structure. Items that may be needed when leaving a home with a baby, e.g. The bottom, as well as the bags.
Special packaging. Easy to open and remove one bag.
Various sizes. Mums need different sizes of bags to consist of bulk products to large items.
One pack size of 15 pcs. Bags. Economical, reusable bags.
Available in large sizes. Larger than regular bags. If you think that all of your desired items will not fit into a medium sized bag, the K-MOM is put on the bags for you. They are more capacant and suitable for more child’s items.

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