K-MOM Kids Brush, 2-12 years


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K-MOM Second stage toothbrushes
For children with already grown molars (24 months -12 years) Combined, soft and elastic bristles for excellent plaque removal.
Red candy / Striped gray / Fresh lemon
Bristles: Nylon
Handle: Polypropylene (PP)
Manufactured by: P. Korea

Second stage brush: from the appearance of the first molars from 24 months to 12 years. This brush is for adult children who are starting to chew a variety of foods. During this stage, your children will start brushing their teeth on their own, and the non-slip handle will be stable and comfortable to hold in your hand.
Soft, elastic and combination bristles
The combined and soft bristles protect the gums from damage and perfectly remove plaque from the first and permanent teeth.


The first toothbrushes for babies and children
Every mom is very careful when choosing her baby’s first toothbrush. Thinking of proper first tooth care?

Mother-K has a solution! Toothbrushes that meet the needs of the child’s teeth at each stage of their development.

Two-stage customized oral care solutions from Mother K.
1.5 times thicker bristles
Manufactured by ISO certified companies.
Extremely comfortable handle. Designed for babies and kids for the first experience with a toothbrush.

As a child grows, the structure of their teeth and gums also changes. K-MOM toothbrushes for children with gentle bristles are adapted for the first cleaning. A combination of soft and elastic bristles to remove plaque and promote healthy gum care and massage for up to 24 months, in the final stages of first tooth development. The brush heads are different and age-appropriate.

1.5 times fuller bristles.

The K-MOM toothbrush bristles are made by DuPont, the world’s leading manufacturer of nylon. K-MOM 1.5 times fuller bristles reduce wear and allow the bristles to reach every corner of the teeth and help to properly care for growing children’s teeth.

Wider brush head for thorough cleaning.
The wider brush head maximizes the contact area and allows hard-to-reach areas to be reached to remove plaque even without good cleaning skills.

The slim design of the upper part of the brush protects the oral cavity from damage.
The K-MOM brush is round and thin for the sensitive oral cavity of children. It is also strong and resistant to breakage. The comfortable grip of the handle is adapted to form the children’s early habit of holding the brush. The wide and non-slip handle makes brushing your teeth easier.

The comfortable handle is made to meet the needs of children who are just getting used to the dental care routine.


Striped gray, Fresh lemon, Red candy

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