K-MOM Organic Wet Wipes (30 pcs.)


K-MOM Organic wet wipes of normal thickness. USDA Certified macadamia seed oil that moisturizes and softens baby skin. Packaging with sticker sticker type packaging, can be glued and sticking many times. Fabric: Smooth "ewe", weight 118g, 30pcs. (200×150 +-5mm) The main component-the USDA certified macadamia seed oil of the highest quality of the usual thick fabric. K-MOM's napkin fabric allows maximum cleaning of skin and dirt.

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Ingredients and materials

  • The USDA has been certified for various vegetable seed oil extracts.
  • Only one napkin pulls.
  • Undergo dermatological safety certified tests in the German laboratory.

Sanitary manufacturing process sanitary and safe manufacturing process with advanced equipment. Korean product all manufacturing processes are safely carried out in South Korea. "Did you know that K-MOM's wet wipes are certified and tested in Germany?" K-MOM wipes evaluated "excellent" on a qualitative scale, which means "no skin irritation" in the subjects group according to the results and conclusions of the German Dermatest laboratory. The technology of extracting one napkin is a special folding technology, which allows you to remove only one napkin during pulling, protects the remaining napkins from the bacteria from entering the packaging, and saves their use without pulling more than one. Constant maintenance and control of the product. Regular OATC tests are performed to ensure the quality of wet wigs. Performed skin irritation tests (INTERTEK). The results of this test are negative. Pure vegetable seed oil moisturizes and soothes the skin. Vegetable seed extracts are also certified by USDA. The seed oil perfectly SOEs and moisturizes the delicate skin of babies. What is vegetable seed oil? It is a natural oil extract extracted from the seeds of plants or fruits. One napkin is enough to wipe the cuticle.  

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