K-MOM Skincare Travel Kit


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24/7 moisturizing and gentle body care for your baby while traveling!

  • Hair and body wash in one
    2in1 product for easier and faster washing.
  • Gel lotion
    Cooling maintenance in hot or humid weather.
  • Lotion for moisturizing skin in dry or windy weather
    Easy hydration and refreshing feeling.
  • Especially well moisturizing cream
    Perfect for cold and dry weather.

And everything conveniently packed in a handy travel kit!


STEP 1. Shampoo & bath
STEP 2. Gel lotion
STEP 3. Moisture lotion
STEP 4. Moisture cream

Following the steps below you will keep baby’s skin in PH balance.

First, bath the baby with shampoo&bath.
Second, apply gel lotion to cool down baby’s skin.
Third, apply moisture lotion and cream for more moisturizing effect.

Maintaining skin moisture is especially important.

Age: +0 month
Expire date: 30 months after MFD
Country of manufacture: South Korea
ECO CERT ingredients.


    • Stop using when the itchiness or redness appear on your skin.
    • Do not use on scar or infected area.
    • Keep away from children.
    • Keep away from direct light.
    • Rinse off when contacted in eyes.
    • Rinse off well after apply the product.
    • Expire date is 30 months after MFD
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