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Mother-K Baby Food Storage Bags (25 pcs.)


Baby Food Storage Bags:
Quantity – 25 pcs. | Volume – 260 ml.

– Convenient size – 260ml. great for putting together food.
– Easy to tear off – extremely easy to open.
– You can store it in the freezer or refrigerator.
– You can heat in the microwave (for up to 40 seconds).
– Secure closing – double clamping strip.

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1. Tear off the top using the grooves on both sides.
2. Pack in portions prepared and chilled food or broth according to your baby’s needs.
3. Be sure to keep in the refrigerator or freezer packed Storage Bags.
4. Open the clasp before defrosting or heating in the microwave.
5. Before serving, be sure to make sure the food is at the right temperature.

Methods of Correct Defrosting:

– Method for defrosting with microwave:
1. When heating frozen baby food / broth
If you warm it completely, there is a risk that the contents will boil and overflow. Be sure to heat it by dividing heating time – every 10 to 15 seconds stop and check.
2. When the thawed baby food / broth is heated
Divide heating time within 5~10 seconds to warm it up
 – Method for defrosting with hot water:
Make a bath with lukewarm water at 40 – 80° C no boiling water! Caution at high temperatures.
Be careful when using hot water from the tap or water purifier, as there is a risk of burns.

1. If hot food is served immediately, there is a risk of burns. Be sure to cool before serving.
2. The package becomes hot when heated, so be careful when storing.
3. Be careful not to let your baby touch the hot Storage Bag.
4. Use only for its intended purpose – for food storage.
5. Do not reuse already used Storage Bags.
6. Wash your hands thoroughly before using food Storage Bags.
7. Please dispose safely – out of reach of children.
8. Do not change the shape of the food Storage Bags.
9. Please store food Bags upright, as it may spill if placed upside down or shaken violently.
10. There may be a slight error in capacity due to the nature of the material and the subtleties of the print.
11. Use with no care, as defrosting in the microwave does not release harmful substances.
12. When defrosting, heating in hot water or in the microwave, be sure to open the Storage Bag closure.

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