Mother-K “Basic” Nipple, 2 pcs.


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A soft and advanced nipple that is easy for baby to bite on, made of liquid silicone (LSR) material.

The nipple is designed to closely resemble the mother’s nipple, making it easier for the baby to adapt when it is necessary to feed with formula.

Two air valves on either side of the teat reduce baby colic by controlling the amount of air entering the baby’s mouth.


• Wash and sterilize (no longer than 30 seconds in boiling water) before first use.
• Do not use cleaning tools with rough surfaces.
• Wash with warm water and detergent before and after each use.
• Make sure there is no water left in the teat after rinsing.
• Do not turn the teat to the other side.

• Use only as intended.
• Use only with parental supervision.
• Do not use in a microwave oven.
• Keep out of the reach of children.
• Do not store on hot surfaces, in direct sunlight or near open flames.


SS (0-1 month), S (1-2 month), M (2-4 month), L (4-8 month), XL (from 8 month)

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