Mother-K Hug cup with straw (300 ml.)


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Mother-K HUG drink The highest quality drink that children will really love. Retains heat if you pour warmer drinks into the drink. New Trithany plastic EX401. V-shaped air circulation valve. Extra-soft silicone straw LSR material, which is suitable for straws. For children, it is easy and comfortable to drink for themselves.

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  • The 360-degree HUG drink has stronger and more durable properties, as well as less absorption of juice or tea spots.
  • The base of the drink can be sterilized.
  • The cap opens with the help of a button, the press is very convenient, the little ones will open
  • The 360-degree drinker is convenient to use and drink while lying down or sitting, as the straw with the weight moves in all directions.
  • Does not drip and the liquid flees only pulled through the straw.
  • V-shaped straw prevents drip and air circulation.
  • Straight cutting of the straw prevents the rapid removal of liquids , so that the child does not choke.
  • Soft LSR material (liquid-friendly silicone), a premium material for straws.
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Additional information

Spalva Mėlyna, Rožinė

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