Mother-K Laundry Wash Bag


Washing can be even easier!

With MOTHER-K Laundry Wash Bags,
(Shapes are Square or Circle)
you can easily wash your baby’s clothes without fear
for them to twist, getting lost or harmed!

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  1. Reliable zipper
    The zipper protection and double locking prevents Laundry
    Wash Bag from opening up during washing process.
  2. Prevents tangling
    Using a Laundry Wash Bag will save you time untangling
    your baby’s tights, slippers or jackets.
  3. Protection against damage
    Baby’s clothes are made of organic or cotton fabrics, that are
    sensitive to washing in an automatic washing machine.
    By using Laundry Wash Bags, you can prevent damage
    to the fabric, because it less curls, wrinkles and fluffy.

  4. Easy to dry
    You can bring your net Laundry Wash Bag to the drying rack
    to hang out the washing. It is more convenient if you put toys
    in the Laundry net and hang out them on the rack.

MOTHER-K Laundry Wash Bags, unlike other manufacturers,
does not contain fluorescent fabric.
Fluorescent paint during washing slowly gets on other fabrics or garments.

The bags are made of dense, double mesh fabric,
which ensures reliable protection for laundry inside the bag.


  1. Use the product only for its intended purpose.
  2. Keep out of reach of children.
    Store in a dry place when not in use.
Additional information

Additional information

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