MOTHER-K Pacifiers (2 pcs.)


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Hygienic and safe to use, 2 pcs.
Produced from 100% liquid silicone rubber, integral structure.
There are no joints, so impurities won’t trap in small gaps.
It can be sterilised by boiling water.

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100% integral product from liquid silicone rubber.
   Non-toxic material that can be sterilized in boiling water.
No joints. Impurities are not trapped in the small parts.
Different strengths and textures gives more comfort to baby.

You can conveniently store Pacifiers in the Mother-K Pacifier Case or in the Mother-K Nipple Storage Case.

Age: from 0 till 18 month.
Materials: 100% Silicone
1. Ivory  |  Grey ;
2. Ivory  | Indie pink .

1. Clean before using.
2. Sterilize with boiling water within 30 seconds.
3. Keep away from open fire and hot surfaces.
4. Use only for its intended purpose.

Additional information

Additional information

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