Mother-K PPSU Straw Cup


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Bottle with a straw for children under 4 years of age!
Bottle with a special valve that ensures that liquids do not drip from it!

• Designed for extremely easy maintenance, the straw disintegrates easily. Fluids flow in only one direction – upward, pulling.
• No harmful PP materials! Extremely transparent bottle made of PPSU plastic, which is especially resistant to heat – cold and shocks.
• Attractive and unique design loved by parents and children around the world.


Stylish items for children with a unique design.

New colors
Unique design. Extremely comfortable and favorite flask with a straw. 369 line.

No BPA *
* BPA (Bisphenol A) is a chemical that is often used in plastic products due to its antibacterial properties, but is harmful to the human body. May cause disease.

PPSU material * – it can be sterilized with boiling water, also in a sterilizer.
* PPSU – the highest quality plastic. Used in medicine. Extremely heat resistant.

Soft, liquid silicone.

Weight N/A

Navy, Ivory, Indie Pink, Red


200 ml., 300 ml.

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