Mother-K Premium Gauze Handkerchief


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The goal of MOTHER-K is to “ensure safe items for your babies”

The main and most important MOTHER-K baby care solutions: safety, comfort and beautiful design.

MOTHER-K, a non-fluorescent set of guinea fowl, is the highest quality, the first whipped cream for babies and children.

Safe for sensitive baby skin and environmentally friendly, as no chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used to grow cotton and bamboo.

· Size: 35cm x 35cm(±2mm)
· Set of: 10 sheets (4 pcs+3 pcs+3 pcs)
· Woven Type: Oxford Type (Embossed)
· Material:
  Bamboo Set – Rayon (Bamboo 35%) + Cotton 65%
  Cotton Set – Cotton 100%



Mother-K pots are safer than usual because the fabric for sewing them is obtained without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
These baby mussels are non-fluorescent.
“They are made using extremely natural materials, carefully selected so that children have all the best.”
Made by Mother-K.

1. Wash the hake before first use.
2. It is recommended to wash by hand with warm water at a temperature of about 30° C degrees.
3. When washing in the washing machine, it is recommended to put in a laundry bag.
4. Avoid using bleach during washing.
5. Avoid ironing or boiling the hake, let the material remain natural.
6. Lightly cover the hake and allow to dry on its own in the shade.
7. Because the fabric is natural, thread twists and deformations can occur.

1. Hand wash at 30° C degrees.
2. Do not use a dryer.
3. Ironing is not recommended.
4. Do not hang in direct sunlight.

Additional information

Additional information

Medžiaga Bambukiniai Melsvi, Medvilniniai Žalsvi, Medvilniniai Rožiniai

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