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Mother-K Set to Maternity Home


Hard to figure out what and how much you might need in the hospital for a few days?
This set will be enough for the first days of your baby’s life.

The set consists of:

  • 10 pcs. New Born Diapers (up to 4 kg);
  • 10 pcs. Honeycomb Structure Disposable Breast Pads;
  •   5 pcs. Disposable pads after childbirth;
  •   1 pc.   Premium Gauze Handkerchief – bamboo;
  •   1 pc.   Cotton Buds with Paper Sticks (300 pcs.);
  •   1 pc.   Wet wipes “BASIC” (100 pcs.).

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 New Born Diapers:
Extremely elastic and thin – only 2mm. Remains thin and absorbs liquids. Five magical layers and balanced air permeability! A smart urine indicator tape so you can know when to change diapers. Double leakage protection – no need to worry even when the child is actively moving. Extremely gentle! The stickers do not irritate the skin and the outer and inner fabric is very soft, thus protecting the sensitive skin of the baby.

Honeycomb disposable bra pads:
The surface of these pads consists of hollow cubes, which absorb 30 times more weight than the pads. Also, when liquids are absorbed, the surface remains dry and breathable. By using such a unique honeycomb structure, the pads gain accelerated absorption, keeping liquids inside the pads better. These factors ensure comfort and enjoyment while wearing. The size of the pads gently envelops the entire mother’s breast.

Disposable pads after childbirth:
Don’t worry about leaking even lying down all day. Soft and safe, even when wounds or ejaculations occur. A feeling of freshness with the most advanced system of embossed air vents. The pads are especially wide and comfortable, no need to worry about leakage or poor adhesion to the pants. Extremely strong absorbing force, the front of the pad is designed to absorb instantly.

Premium bamboo fiber whiting:
Mother-K pots are safer than usual because the fabric for sewing them is obtained without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. These baby mussels are non-fluorescent.

Cotton tongs with paper stick:
The shape is designed to ensure safety and impeccable cleaning – two different tips for your convenience. Extra soft, 100% soft cotton is used to avoid irritating sensitive baby skin. Paper stick. The paper stick is manoeuvrable and can easily bend and not injure when cleaning the nostrils or ear canal.

Wet wipes “BASIC”:
These napkins are unique, especially popular in many Asian countries, due to their organic composition, convenient and high-quality packaging and the design that characterizes the products of this brand. Napkin material of normal thickness. With one wipe you can clean the necessary places with high quality. Suitable for the whole baby’s body, soothes irritated areas, moisturizes dry skin.

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