Mother-K silicone bottle cleaning brushes + K-MOM detergent for bottle, fruit and vegetable cleaning (foam consistency) and surface cleaning wipes

Great time to buy! After all, it is already spring, so let’s handle it safely, naturally and easily at home.
The set consists of:
Mother-K silicone cleaning brush (red);
K-MOM Pureness lines, a foam-like detergent suitable for children’s bottles, dishes, fruits and vegetables;
and K-MOM surfaces, cleaning wipes with ethanol (40pcs.)


Product Details

K-MOM Pureness bottle cleaner

Classified as first class, safe for washing fruits and vegetables before using them for food.

Perfect for dishes and children’s bottles or bottles.
After washing, it
USDA certified, organic and carefully selected natural extracts:
– Purple gentian extract.
– Foam extract.
– Kudzu roots.
– Nettle extract.
– Papaya leaf extract.

Silicone cleaning brushes
• For continuous use.
• When using a brush, detergents foam a lot.
• Disinfect the brush in hot water.
• Dries quickly.
• Round silicone brush. Even easier cleaning in a circular motion.
• Quick drying. The silicone material does not absorb water and therefore dries quickly.
• Exclusive washing with three different tooth diameters. Compared to a simple sponge-type brush, this silicone washes the walls of the bottle much more thoroughly.
• Easy to disinfect using hot water. Sterilize at 140 ℃ degrees. Ensures disinfection of silicone material and prevents the formation of bacteria.

K-MOM cleaning wipes with Ethanol 40pcs.
K-MOM’s first baby wipes. Designed to clean items that children put in their mouths. Such as toys, dishes and more – it helps maintain hygiene. After cleaning children’s toys or objects, leave them to dry for a few seconds to allow the active ingredient components to dry.
Fabric: embossed fabric
Packaging type: with lid weight 209g, 40pcs. (200 × 150 + -5mm) The main component is ethanol.

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