Mother-K Silicone Brushe (two kinds)


• Non-toxic silicone material. • Rounded shape. • Suitable for everyday use. • Exceptional cleaning effect due to different diameter of teeth. • Pack of two brushes. Durable.  

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Silicone cleaning Brushes • Continuous use. • Using a toothbrush, clean the detergent with abundant foam. • Disinfect the brush in hot water. • Dries quickly. • Silicone toothbrush, round shaped. Even easier cleaning in a circular motion. • Quick-release. Silicone material does not absorb water, so it dries quickly. • Exclusive cleaning with three different diameter of teeth. When compared with a simple sponge-type brush, this silicone has a much more thorough washing of the bottle walls. • Easy to disinfect using hot water. Sterilize at a temperature of 140 degrees C. Ensures disinfection of the silicone material and prevents bacteria from occurring.

Additional information

Additional information

Spalva Mėlynių, Greipfurtų, Kokosų, Greipfurtų tiesi rankena (1vnt.)

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