Mother-K Heating, cooling package for food storage box


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The Mother-K tritan plastic masito storage box is a heating-refrigeration package. Hot or cold food. "Retains the required temperature, so the food stays fresh" The refrigeration package keeps cold food for up to 5 hours. Food, snack or fruit retains more fresh, hot or damp air. Heat package. Suitable for use in the microwave oven retains heat for up to 2 hours. In the microwave oven, heat 15-20s. The food will remain warm in the box when it is not possible to re-heat it. Travel Carefree. (Do not warm the microwave for longer than the 20s).



Top-quality sealed boxes made of tritane plastic. For multiple use, thermo packaging. Fresh food that will remain warm or cold! For temperature maintenance There is a special thermo package that mounters the lid of the box. The inside of the box circulates in the air due to this package and keeps food or snacks fresher. In addition to BPA from Tritane material-the highest quality, safe material. Does not contain the endocrine disruptors bisphenol A (BPA). With the security certificate.  

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Additional information

Forma Kvadrato, Stačiakampio

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