MOTHER-K Straw Tube Brush


Now you can easily remove dirt that used to be hard to wash off!

Bottle straw cleaning brush that is extremely elastic.
Pack of 2 units.
1. A soft, nylon brush that does not scratch the surface.
2. Long and narrow straws can now be cleaned just as easily and hygienically.



Removal of beverage residues.

• Made of durable steel;
• Soft and gentle brush;
• Long and short – two types of brushes.

  1. Convenient two types of brushes. Straws can now be washed qualitatively, regardless of their length and thickness.
  2. Robust, advanced and durable. Not prone to cleaning.
  3. Comfortable handle.
  4. Soft and elastic nylon. The elastic nylon brush provides a powerful and at the same time gentle wash. The brush does not damage or scratch the surface.
  5. Durable steel mast. Perfectly transmits hand pressure when cleaning and does not bend.
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