Mother-K Tritane drinker with silicone straw 300 ml. Creamy


Drinking bowl with straw for children under 4 years of age! A drinker with a special valve that ensures that liquids do not come out of it! • Designed especially for simple care, straw is easily disshakes. Liquids flow in only one direction-upward, pulling. • No harmful PP materials! Extremely clear vial, made of Tritane plastic, which is resistant to breakages. • Attractive and unique design by the parents and children of all the world.  

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The drinker is made of tritane plastic, which does not harm infants and children, their ENDOCRINE SYSTEM, which is especially important for growing and developing babies. In addition to BIFENOL A, which is particularly damaging and detectable in plastic food packages, toys, cosmetics, etc. Mother-K Drinker is very durable, there is a small chance that she will fall or break when she is dropped. It will also not change color and will not get an unpleasant smell, which often absorbed by other drinkers made of ordinary plastic. This drinker will keep the original appearance for a long time.

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