Mother-K fruit and vegetable detergent (90 rind)


• Mother-K has developed a patented product for the washing of fruit and vegetables.
• Consists of natural bivalve shells collected from the south coast of P. Korea.
• Approximately 90 washings are enough for 135g per pack.  • Mother-K fruit and vegetable detergent is better than regular washing with water, nutric soda or vinegar.
• 99.9% eliminates dangerous bacteria. Especially quickly removes: coliforms, Salmonella and staphylococci.
• Patented technology.




Fabric: 100% bivalve shells.
Ingredients: Ionized calcium CaO 95%, CaCO3.
Composition: alkaline, powdery.
Use: Add the required amount of powder to the water. Comfortable, both in the kitchen and in the transport.
• The use of this fruit and vegetable detergent visually removes pesticides.
• Certified by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration).
First step: 2-3l of water will need 1, 5g. Powder. Mix well.
Second step: Depending on the type of fruit and vegetable, soak in water for 3 to 10 minutes. In the water there may be a film or dirt that removes the pesticides and hazardous substances. This can and does not appear depending on the amount of chemicals used.
Step three: After soaking in water with detergents, wash the fruit and vegetables under running water for 1-2 times, then eat or cook (diffuse, bake).
A fruit and a cleaner detergent will surely be a favorite in your home.
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