Mother-K especially thin silicone nozzles (M size)


Mother-K siliconical anti-spits are protected against scars and painful cracks. Exceptionally thin only 0, 3mm when the mother is relaxed and indulging in breastfeeding, the baby feels also calm. Protect the nipples with the extra-thin antels. Prevention of infections. Antspins reduce pain when feeding on the breast. Prevents sudden cuts in the baby.

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Why are the nozzles needed? Prevention of infections, painful scars or sudden infant extracts from the mouth.

  1. 0, 3mm ultra thin. Extremely thin. Will give a feeling of comfort and will not irritated.
  2. Safe silicone material. Safe and soft silicone adapted for baby's burns.
  3. Prevention of pain and sores. Protection against wounds and scars, but if there is already an excellent help in the treatment period.
  4. Help with small nipples. Help in breast-feeding when there are small or broken nipples. It helps to distract them.
  5. Convenient tray. The case is designed for hygienic storage and protection.
  • Wash with the appropriate detergents-perfect for Mother-K bottle detergents.
  • Can be boiled.
Additional information

Additional information

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