Newborn set from 7 products + GIFT face mask

Are you expecting a newborn or are you going to visit an already born baby?
A great way to get started, the top seven products for mom and baby.
GIFT! L’arvore Korean, moisturizing face mask.


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NB diapers up to 4kg. in a package of 40 pcs.
Five magical layers, which instantly and evenly absorb liquids, prevent urine from leaking and do not form lumps of liquids, prevent leakage, do not dry the diaper.
1. Extremely elastic. 20mm expandable waistband.
2. Extra thin – only 2mm. Remains thin and absorbs liquids. 3. Five magic layers: • Absorbs liquids instantly. • Even absorption of urine. • Prevents urine leakage and formation of fluid clumps. • Protects against leakage.
4. Balanced air permeability: • 3D embossed surface. • Reduced contact with the diaper surface protects the baby’s skin and allows easy breathing.
5. Smart urine indicator tape. This allows you to know when to change diapers.
6. Double leakage protection. No need to worry even when the child is actively moving.
7. Extremely gentle. Stickers do not irritate the skin. The outer and inner fabric is very soft, thus protecting the sensitive skin of the baby.

Mother-K Premium class thin pads for breastfeeding mother bra 32pcs.
Breastfeeding can be a real pleasure. Lightweight and thin pads made using state-of-the-art technology. The lightness of the pads remains even after the inflow of liquids, and a feeling of freshness is also felt.

K-MOM wipes made of double cross, embossed fabric with sunflower seed oil for skin softening (32 pcs).
USDA certified.
Extracts of various vegetable seeds.
Only one napkin comes out of the package.
Napkins do not pull out automatically.
Dermatological tests were performed.
Contains especially purified water.

Mother-K cotton tongs with paper stick 100pcs.
• The form is designed to ensure security. The wide part prevents it from penetrating too deeply into the ear canal.
• 100% soft cotton. Extra soft cotton is used to avoid irritating sensitive baby skin.
• Paper stick. The paper stick is manoeuvrable and can easily bend and not injure when cleaning the nostrils or ear canal.
• For ear cleaning.
• For navel cleaning and hygiene.
• For cleaning the nostrils.
• Suitable for use on mouth sores.

Nail scissors for newborns
• Short and rounded scissor ends. Suitable for small nail contours that are close to the cuticles.
• Clear lid. Keeps the blade clean and protects it from contamination.
• Comfortable shape and comfortable handle that does not slip out of your hands.
Age: 0-3months
Materials: stainless steel, ABS durable plastic that is impact resistant.

K-MOM ecological detergent (scentless) 1000ml. Suitable for washing the clothes of a newborn and an already grown child.
Scentless. Contains no odors, so newborn clothes are even safer!
Natural ingredients, one of them is baking soda. You will feel the efficiency of the washing machine immediately. Reduces skin irritation in babies and children.

K-MOM ecological fabric softener (white flower scent) 1000ml.
Non-allergenic fabric softener. More softness and protection for fabrics, no allergens!
• Non-allergenic odor.
With glycerin.
• Materials of plant origin.
• Long-lasting odor.

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