M size (6-11 kg) diapers-panties (24 pcs.)


The size of the piercing panties is M.
For the three-piece type.
The weight of the baby is 6-11 kg.
Package – 24 PCs.
For start creeping babies.
Two different designs in one package!

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Piercing panties A wonderful helper for your babies with pleasure in surviving many of the first moments of life.
1. Absorb liquids 3 times faster. The absorbent remains fluffy all the carrying time, as well as three times more absorbing fluids than normal panties.
2. Extremely comfortable and comfortable for babies! • Elastic waist belt. • Comfortable fit. • Liquid absorber tape around the thigh.
3. Fast bandwidth and air circulation through 3D “Embo” holes. A flawless air circulation helps to dry the urine more quickly and reduces direct contact with the skin, and therefore does not irritate. So the cuticle remains soft.
4. Soft and soft material. Remain gentle throughout the carrying time. • Gentle Embo technology. • Air-skiping layers for skin protection.
5. Mild to vulnerable baby skin. • Gentle, embossed surface for minimal contact with skin; • Air-skiping layers for skin protection.
6. Clever urine warning tape.
7. Help your parents, the sticker on the back, to immediately separate the front side from the back. Mother-K has been conducting regular research to develop the needs of infants and to create innovative products.

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