Trapa Cream from Stretch Marks



Trapa Japonica and Spirulina Extracts helps to make
skin hydrated and glossy with skin balance care.

Designed in cream-type, it comes in rich texture
at the moment of applying, yet leavesno stickiness
and is absorbed deeply after massage to enable
light usability.

Į krepšelį


We support moms who are always focused on the baby, not themselves.
Ignoring your skin’s need for balance, which is changing every day.

Trapa cream for belly during pregnancy is for reducing stretch marks and scars.

The following product is not intended for treatment of skin diseases of
mothers-to-be, rather is a cosmetics product aimed at caring their skin concerns.

Suitable for all skin types.
Take moderate amount (2~3g) and massage
gently onto body using fingers until fully absorbed.

1.  Consult with professional doctor when area of use
has symptoms like red spots, swollenness or itchiness
right after use or following exposure to sunlight.
2. Refrain from using on wounded areas.
3. Cautions in storing & treating:
a) Store away from children’s reach;
b) Store away from direct sunlight.

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