Children's toothpaste with fluoride


K-MOM toothpaste for children with low fluorine. Children who have already spits toothpaste. Contains USDA certified ingredients such as coriander extract. Natural Fruity Flavor 50gr. Produced in: South Korea 50g with low fluorine (500ppm) toothpaste for children. Natural fruity flavors for children who are already learning to brush their teeth and get used to routine.

  • Organic extracts certified by USDA.
  • The unique squeezing of the paste is adapted for children.
  • Fluorine-free and with low fluorine.

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K-MOM toothpaste for kids 50gr. Active substances: silicon dioxide, sodium monofluorophosphate. Other ingredients: glycerine, sorbitol solution (70%, non-crystallising), Steviol glucosidide, xylitol, purified water, coriander extract, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, sodium kokoilglutamate, hydrated silica ( TIXOSIL 43K) Odour blend (natural fruity taste HF-61929) effects and Benefits: Guaranteed oral Hygiene, removes plaque from the teeth and gums. Use and dose: open the tube cap and squeeze the paste onto the toothbrush. Gently massage the teeth and gums, what paste is distributed everywhere, after cleansing gently remove the remnants with a clean whirl. If the child has been adolescent to rinse the oral cavity with water and cut it off. Use morning and evening for the best results. Storage: At room temperature natural sweetness and odour USDA certified organic extracts 99.65% natural ingredients K-MOM spreads for infants and children are made from naturally sourced and safe ingredients. Contains natural and carefully second sweeteners and aromatic substances. Natural Strawberry Flavor K-MOM without fluorine toothpaste for babies and fruit flavor K-MOM with low fluorine for children. USDA Certified Organic extracts of K-MOM toothpaste for infants and children certified by the United States Department of Agroculture. With certified coriander extract. The nozzle is designed to squeeze the minimum amount of paste at once. To do this is very easy and convenient.

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