About Us

MOTHER-K is loved premium birth&baby goods professional brand as best quality and safety
MOTHER-K goods is began from mother’s worry and then we hope that Mothers around the world can be an easy and fun childcare
Mother-k is manufacture to mind in Baby Mama’s want gave just precious, and we want to give top priority to safety and hygiene, participate in planning to study carefully. MOTHER-K to create products using only the peace of mind and the quality ingredients and materials are managed through regular quality checks, installation of safety as well as R & D design center to capture the identity of a more convenient length what MOTHER-K for child care all We design products. MOTHER-K is currently exported to Asia, seven countries have been recognized Mothers around the world for safety and product quality.


MOTHER-K second brand loved from mother and child
K-MOM is Natural Baby products professional brand loved by the mother of the world’s as eco-friendly and affordable prices.
The K-MOM has a second brand of MOTHER-K designed to achieve a more ideal parenting by mothers are composed of essential products only affordable maternity. K-MOM was designed motifs such as a ladybug, hippocampus, owl and used only naturally occurring ingredients also realized the Natural Concept Secure quality,reasonable price,cute design which realized the K-MOM is exported all over the world are loved by many mothers.