K-MOM Premium Dry Tissues


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PREMIUM class dry napkins. Created by Moms!
Mother-K dry napkins for infants, for use with clean water.
• 100% cotton & 100% rayon napkin.
• Larger than usual tissues – 180 x 200 mm.
• When using water, they become damp napkins.
• Can be used more than once.
• 3 types of packages – 15 pcs. | 40 pcs. | 160 pcs.
Baby skin accounts for 13% of their body weight, which means that skin storage is especially important. It is also thin, so it can be damaged by additive preservatives, extracts or refined water. Dry wipes without any accessories, so it is especially suitable for babies.
• Use as wet wipes.
Put the dry napkin in a special pack as much as you think you will use in the course of the day. Pour water and they will become safe without preservative-damp wipes.
Use as a sock in a nourishing jacket.
When the amount of milk is no longer so abundant, the dry napkins can absorb it perfectly and be used as pads.
Use as a kitchen towel.
Excellent absorption, therefore, can be used in the cleaning of a splashed table or wet kitchen utensils.
Use as a Bibi during feeding.
It is suitable as a bibling for feeding milk or hard food. It is also very convenient to clean the face and hands with dirt.
For mums for facial skin.
Can become a cosmetic napkin to wipe face skin or cosmetic residues.
Use as a handout.
The napkins will not irritate the skin and may be discarded or flushed after use.
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Cotton, 15 pcs., Cotton, 40 pcs., Rayon, 15 pcs., Rayon, 160 pcs.

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