Mother-K PUCOCO Foldable Baby Bathtub Suport Net


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The Mother-K “Pucoco” folding bath liner is suitable for the Mother-K folding bath. You can use it from birth, because it is a safe fabric and it is easier for you to bathe your baby. The mesh fabric dries quickly, is pleasant to the touch and does not wrinkle.

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Installation method – follow the pictures in the instructions – the insert must be hung in front of the water outlet.

  1. You can adjust the height of the insert by turning its edge hooks;
  2. As shown in the picture, hook the hooks on the edge of the bathtub;
  3. Adjust the length of the straps of the insert so that the water level in the bathtub is appropriate when the baby is placed;
  4. Check that you have hooked the hooks correctly by pressing down firmly on the liner.
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Coral Pink, Ocean Blue

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