NEW! Mother-K “LIFE” Disposable Cutting Board


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The Disposable Cutting Board is extremely convenient for cooking various foods or preparing snacks on the go.

30 cm wide – perfect for even the smallest kitchen.
Total length – 6 meters.

You can use the table in any size kitchen – you only cut as much as you need!
A small piece to cut an apple during the trip. Or a shelf over the entire tabletop when you are preparing autumn foods for the winter and you need a lot of space to place fruits, vegetables or meat for freezing.

It is very convenient to have such a table on a trip, and not only to prepare snacks at the resort, but also to use it in the rented homestead. After all, you don’t know what was cut on the left cutting board, is it properly washed? With the Mother-K Disposable Cutting Board, you are guaranteed 100% sterility! No old soaked sauces, meat leftovers, or leftover dishwashing detergent!

1. In the package you will find a roll of disposable cutting board and a cutter (inside the roll);
Remove the roll and cutter from the package;
2. Open the opening part at the top of the package as shown in the picture;
3. Put the Cutting Board roll back in the package and close it. Pull the edge of the cutting board through the open hole.
The direction of pulling the table must coincide with the direction of closing the package;
4. Place the cutter (with the narrow part downwards/blue stripe upwards) on the edge of the box, where indicated by the red arrow;
5. Pull out the desired length and push the grate across the surface of the table.

Lay the disposable cutting board flat on the surface you will be working on.
Tip – if you sprinkle water on the smooth side, its adhesion to the surface will increase.

1. Use the product as intended.
2. Do not place on hot surfaces, do not keep near open flames.
3. Do not use in electronic appliances such as microwaves, ovens and toasters.
4. When disposable products are reused, the possibility of bacterial contamination may arise.
5. Do not place hot food or hot cooking utensils on the disposable cutting board.
6. Keep out of the reach of children.

After using the table, dispose of it in the appropriate waste collection container (in this case plastic/cardboard).

In stock