K-MOM Hygienic Spray for Hands


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A must-have tool in our daily lives, that of children and families.

This spray-type disinfectant allows you to keep your hands clean without water and soap. Very effectively and quickly destroys harmful microbes.


70% or 83% Ethanol.
No Triethanolamine.
Not a medicine.

For optimal disinfection effect, you need to check the concentration, not the alcohol content. As concentrations higher than 75% evaporate rapidly, the higher the ethanol content, the worse the disinfection effect compared to the disinfection time.

Grain alcohol

K-MOM hand sanitizer is an undenatured alcohol obtained by fermenting sugars and yeast in grains and used as a food ingredient. You can use it safely on your baby’s hands and belongings without worrying about alcohol-induced skin irritation. Very convenient and disinfects by spraying mist. Disinfect children’s toys and items regularly. Because alcohol is made from grain, you can use it safely. Easy to carry and use.


70%, 83%

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