Mother-K Silicone Bottle Cleaning Brushe Set


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• Non-toxic silicone material.
• Round shape.
• Suitable for everyday use.
• Exceptional cleaning effect due to different tooth diameters.
• Pack of two brushes.
• Durable.


Silicone cleaning brushes, two tipes:
• For continuous use.
• When using a brush, detergents foam a lot.
• Disinfect the brush in hot water.
• Dries quickly.
Round silicone brush. Even easier cleaning in a circular motion.
Quick drying. The silicone material does not absorb water and therefore dries quickly.
Exclusive washing with three different tooth diameters. Compared to a simple sponge-type brush, this silicone washes the walls of the bottle much more thoroughly.
Easy to disinfect using hot water. Sterilize at 140 ℃ degrees. Ensures disinfection of silicone material and prevents the formation of bacteria.

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