MOTHER-K Disposable Feeding Bottle


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Mother-K Disposable Bottles
to make the trip easier and simpler!

• 3 colors and soothing design;
• 2 types of disposable bags;
• Easier trips with a baby;
• Easy to use;
• Pacifiers are sold separately.

NOTE: Do not pour liquids directly into the bottle!
The bottom is a separate removable lid, as a disposable bag is placed at the bottom. The set needs to be made according to your baby’s needs, so everything is sold separately.

The set includes (sold separately):
• Disposable Milk Storage Bags;
• Nipple (SS | S | M | L);
• Nipple Storage Case;
• Milk Powder Storage Bags;


Less is more!
Less time preparing for a trip with your baby!
More quality time with family!

• You can choose from 3 colors of soothing design bottles.
• You will be able to adapt the pacifiers to your baby’s age (SS | S | M | L). They are sold separately.
• Disposable bags for Instant Dispensers can be used for both infant formula and breast milk.
• The body of the bottle is made of durable and ultra-clear Tritan plastic.
• Extremely easy to use and the integrity of the “Quick Preparation” bottle line will provide a quick and convenient way to travel with your baby.

• Be sure to clean all products before using them for the first time.
• Use only with parental care and keep out of the reach of children.
• Use only for its intended purpose.
• Do not use in the microwave oven.
• The disposable milk bottles and parts (except nipples) should not be sterilized by using steam, a UV ultraviolet sterilizer, or hot water because it may cause product deformation.
• Before use, check for any damage of the product. If you see a tear or anomaly on the product – do not use the product, replace it with another.
• Do not store on hot surfaces, in direct sunlight and near open flames.
• Replace a nipple every two/three months for safety and hygiene.
• Do not poure high temperature liquid in plastic (zipper) bags.
• Make sure to keep the temperature of the plastic (zipper) bags for the Disposable feeding bottle below 45° C.
• For the safety of your baby, be sure that the temperature of the content is 37° C before feeding.

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