Mother-K Ecological Multiple Zipper Bags


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“If you think about our babies future environment, choose the good MOTHER-K Eco Zipper Bag”.
As it’s even more upgraded than traditional zipper bags, you can keep your babies‘ precious items clean for maternity, daycare, and family trips.

Eco zipper Bags:
Heavy metals not detected;
Mini~XL – multi sizes;
Green, environmentally friendly product;
Can be washed with water – bags won’t deform.


More tightly keep your items or food.
More powerful seal with a double zipper and comfortable handle.

Strong and firm handle, that has a stripe pattern for a firmer finishing to prevent it from being easily stretched or torn when it is hung on the stroller.

Handy and modern design.
It is economical because it can be washed with water and then reused multiple times without deformation or tearing.

Optimal, convenient and wide selection for sizes – from smallest items to big products. You can keep really small items for babies and bigger objects for yourself, that be easy and comfortable to pack your things.

The package of the bags is not harmful for enviroment!
For the environment, no laminating has been used to minimise package damage during the mass production process.


Small (15 pcs.), Medium (15 pcs.), Medium (30 pcs.), Large (15 pcs.), XLarge (15 pcs.), Basic (S-20pcs., M-20pcs., L-15pcs.), Multipack (S-20pcs., M-15pcs., L-15pcs., XL-10pcs.)

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