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Mother-K Nipple for Silicone Feeding Bottle, 2 pcs.


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  • BPA-free.
  • Reduces the likelihood of COLIC and gas accumulation (ANTI-colics).
  • Suitable for mother’s milk.
  • Suitable for different mixes.
  1. Adaptive teat that adjusts to the age of the baby. There are 4 types of teat. Nipples are applied to different lactation rates and oral structures.
  2. The material is adapted for biting. Top grade silicone material for biting and nourishing pleasure.
  3. Adjusts the flow of fluid through the teat. The baby can control the flow of milk by itself.
  4. Special valve. This system controls the access of the air to the inside of the vial, thereby reducing the likelihood of gastric ailments, bloating and colic.

L (from 8 month.), M (5-8 month), S ( 2-5 month), SS (0-2 month)

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