MOTHER-K Powdered Milk Storage Bags


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1 size MOTHER-K Powder Milk Storage Bags.
In the package – 30 pcs. | 60 pcs.,

 – Easy to cut. Bags has a cutting guide line;
– Place for writing down the dates;
– Safe and strong zipper;
– Lightweight material;
– Optimized shape;
– Antistatic.

Mother-K Powder Milk Storage Bags, to make the trip easier and simpler.


 – From safe materials, without toxic additives, so that your baby receives only safe milk.
 – Secure, double clamping tape blocks the powder from spilling out, no dust or odors.
 – Label to write down the date in a convenient place and with the option to use any pen. Easy to use by dates and with that in mind feeding the baby.

1. Open the pack along the cutting guide line.
2. Measure the formula with a spoon and put a moderate amount in the pack. Squeeze out all air and zip up the pack.
3. When needed cut the pack along the cutting guide line in the bottom and pour the contents in the baby’s bottle or Mother-K Disposable Storage Bag to use.
4. Please be careful not to spill the formula by getting the cutting guide line upward.

1. Use this product only for it’s original purpose;
2. Keep away from children;
3. Do not overturn or shake hard this product in case of possible leakage.
4. Do not reuse the StorageBag;
5. Do not arbitrarily change the shape of StorageBag;
6. When you tear the StorageBag, use clean hands;
7. Seal the StorageBag with powder milk really tightly in order to prevent from possible moisture evaporation;
8. Keep narrow part up when cutting, to prevent from pour out.
9. Do not store food of liquid form.

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30 pcs., 60 pcs.

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