Mother-K Pacifier STRAP


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Lightweight and easy to attach bracket.

Used 100% pure cotton fabric!

Safe to use from 0+ years.

Exclusive vibrant colors!


The top priority of MOTHER-K is the safety of your baby.
Our Pacifier Straps met all home security standards!

MOTHER-K received a Pacifier Strap safety certificate for:
No heavy metals were detected (lead, mercury, arsenic, barium, antimony, cadmium, chromium).
Safe edge treatment, size of clip’s air-holes.
Optimal length, thickness and width.
Tensile and impact resistance.

Made of soft, light, 100% pure cotton fabric.
Additional parts are manufactured in accordance with safety standards. It’s a light, 10g weight, that isn’t heavy, even if worn for a long time.

Sturdy holder fabric.
Pacifier Strap is made using a unique weaving technique, making it even stronger and more durable.

Simple but powerful clasp.
It is easy to use with one touch and the clip is not easy to open. It can be attached in various places, such as on baby clothes or baby seat belt to prevent loss or contamination of the pacifier.

In addition to MOTHER-K pacifiers and teethers, it is compatible with various others childcare products such as pacifiers and tooth rings from various manufacturers, etc.

Warm colors that complement your baby’s style.
Straps are in five vibrant colors to match MOTHER-K pacifiers can be used as fashion accessories for your baby.

· Be sure to check the product for damage before use.
· Do not attach around the neck, where there is a risk of suffocation.
· Do not use the pacifier strap on baby bed or cradle. When your baby is sleeping , always remove the clip from the baby for safety.
· The pacifier strap cannot be used as a toy, or as a toy for toddlers to bite and play.
· Adult supervision is required to prevent safety accidents.
· Please always use the product under adult supervision so that the baby’s skin does not get caught in the clip part.
· Using with excessive force may damage the product.
· Do not place close to open flames or on hot surfaces.
· Be sure to separate from clothes when washing. Please refrain from using oxygen and chlorine-based bleaches. There may be some shrinkage due to the nature of the textile. While intensively using or washing, lint on textile may be generated due to the characteristics of the textile. Please refrain from boiling, placing in a dryer or ironing as there is a risk of deformation at high temperatures.

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Brick Orange, Mustard, Ivory, Navy, Indigo Pink

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