Mother-K Breast Feeding Tissue


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Wet wipes are extremely convenient for breastfeeding mothers, because:

0+. Suitable for use from birth;
Sterile. Thanks to the sterilization process and the aluminum packaging, which perfectly prevents the penetration of bacteria and the evaporation of moisture, the wipes can be used in a safe and sanitary manner;
Contains only purified water. The fabric of the wet wipes is moistened only with 100% purified water, without any additives, so mothers can use them with confidence;
100% pure cotton, certified according to the Global Textile Standard. 100% clean cotton fabric that meets the strictest conditions of the European International Textile Certification [OEKO TEX Standard 100], so it can be gently used on the sensitive skin of mothers and babies;
Packed in 2 pcs. Individually packaged for single use, so can be used anytime. They are easy to take with you and use at your convenience.
There are 40 packets in a box. They are easy to open and convenient to take with you.


How and when to use:
1. During pregnancy, wipe the breasts as needed;
2. When you are breastfeeding – clean around the breastfeeding area;
3. When feeding with milk mixture or first feeding – clean the baby’s hands and mouth;
4. Can be used to remove makeup.

1. This product is disposable, so please use it only once.
2. Take with clean hands.
3. This product is not soluble in water. Dispose hygienically in a designated waste area, do not flush down the toilet.
4. If you experience any problems while using the product, you should stop using it. If you continue to use them and the following symptoms occur, consult a dermatologist:
– Red spots, swelling, itching, irritation, etc. appear after use.
– If the above symptoms are present at the site of use from direct sunlight.
5. Be sure to close the lid after use.
6. Keep out of reach of children.
7. Do not store in places with high or low temperature.
8. Do not store in direct sunlight, hot surfaces or near open flames.
8. Use by recommended expiration date.
9. Do not use this product to clean the baby’s mouth.
10. Due to the use of purified water, the edges of the fabric may be dry, but you can use it with confidence as this is the normal state of the product.


1 pcs., 40 pcs. (a box)

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