NEW! “White Label” pull-up pants, size L (8-12 kg)


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Size – L.
Pull-up type.
Baby weight – 8-12 kg.
For toddlers starting to crawl.
Package – 26 pcs. | Mini package – 10pcs.


Pull-up diapers is a wonderful helper for your babies that ensures pleasure to enjoy many of the first moments in life.

Diapers – a wonderful helper for your little ones to enjoy many of the first moments of life!

1. No chemical additives
Unbleached artificial fabric, without added odors and only the minimum necessary chemical processes are performed for diapers.
2. Double protective tape
The two absorption bands reduce the area that comes in contact with the baby’s skin. The baby will feel comfortable even at night, because the diapers-keepers keep in shape.
3. Organic biomass fabric
The biomass fabric obtained from naturally grown sugar cane was used in the production of diapers-trousers to gently wrap the skin in contact.
4. Excellent absorption
We have combined the best of both continents – the best polymeric absorbers in South Korea and the highest-end U.S. natural filling absorbent to achieve optimal absorption.

MOTHER-K constantly performs researches to delve deeply into the needs of infants and to create innovative products.

1. After removing the diapers from the package, put them on as you would underwear;
2. Pull up to the waist and make sure the edges are not bent at the waist and legs.

After use:
1. When it is time to change the diapers, pull the edges on each side until they tear and remove from the baby.
2. Discard the feces in the toilet. Twist the diaper-panties and stick it on the sticker on the back of the diaper.
3. Do not throw diapers in the toilet! They must be disposed of in the household rubbish bin.

1. To use diapers comfortably, be sure to choose the right diaper-panties size for your baby’s weight and body type.
2. Prolonged use can cause skin irritation, so do not forget to change diapers-pants in time.
3. If your baby develops a diaper rash, be sure to stop using it and contact your doctor.
4. Make sure the sticker on the back is away from the baby’s skin.
5. Use diapers-panties only for their intended purpose.
6. Keep out of the reach of babies and children.
7. Store the product in a clean place, tightly closed and at room temperature.
8. Do not store diapers near open flames or electric heaters.
9. In a humid environment, the color of the indicator may change, so keep the diapers tightly closed.

Inner lining (Nonwoven (Polyethylene/ Polypropylene)), Absorbing layer (Pulp, Super Absorbent Polymer (Sodium Polyacrylate), Nonwoven (Polyethylene/ Polypropylene), Nonwoven (Polypropylene), Adhesive (Styrene Block Copolymer, Hydrocarbon Resins, Paraffin Hydrocarbons)), Waterproof layer (Nonwoven (Polyethylene/ Polypropylene), Nonwoven (Polypropylene), Film (Polyethylene, Calcium Carbonate), Color, Elastic (Polyurethane), Adhesive (Styrene Block Copolymer, Hydrocarbon Resins, Paraffin Hydrocarbons)), Tape (Film (Polypropylene), Color, Adhesive (Styrene Block Copolymer, Hydrocarbon Resins, Paraffin Hydrocarbons)).


26 pcs., 10 pcs.

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