“Dual Story” pull-up pants, size 3XL (from 19 kg | 28 pcs.)


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Type – Pull-up pants.
Size – 3XL.
Baby’s weight – from 19 kg.
In the package – 28 pcs.
For agile babies, who are starting to walk.
Two different designs in one package!

In stock


Pull-up diapers is a wonderful helper for your babies that ensures pleasure to enjoy many of the first moments in life.

1. 4 steps absorption system.
Pull-up diapers stays fluffy throughout all wearing period. There is absorption groove, that instantly holds dampness.
2. Extremely convenient and comfortable for babies!
• Elastic waist belt.
• Comfortably fitting.
• Wide liquid absorbing pad designed to reach till baby’s waist.
3. Fast to conduct and with air circulation through 3D “Embo” holes.
Flawless air circulation helps to dry urine more quickly and reduces direct contact with the skin. Therefore doesn’t irritate it and remains soft.
4. Gentle and soft material, which remain throughout the carrying time.
• Gentle Embo technology.
• Air-skiping layers for skin protection.
5. Gentle to vulnerable baby skin.
• Gentle, embossed surface for minimal contact with skin;
• Air-skiping layers for skin protection.
6. Smart urine line for indicating time to change pull-up diaper.
7. Help for parents – the sticker on the back side, to immediately separate the front side from the back side.

MOTHER-K constantly performs researches to delve deeply into the needs of infants and to create innovative products.

Weight 1,100 kg

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