Mother-K Breast Milk Storage Bags


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3 sizes of breast milk storage bags:

  • Capacity – 180ml   | Bags in the package – 50 pcs.,
  • Capacity – 200ml  | Bags in the package – 30pcs. | 60 pcs.,
  • Capacity – 300 ml | Bags in the package – 50 pcs.

It has label to write the date of poured breast milk.
Freestanding packaging and strong clamping.
The bag automatically shows the temperature.
Produced from safe materials.


Mother-K disposable bags for large amounts of breast milk.

The temperature sensor on the bag shows the temperature of the milk, making it easier to orient yourself when reheating the milk to feed the baby.
From safe materials, without toxic additives,
so your baby gets only safe breast milk.
Secure, double clamping band prevents dust, odors and dripping.
Can be frozen in the freezer or stored in the refrigerator.
Label for date
placed conveniently and with the option to use any pen. Easy to use by dates and with that in mind feeding the baby.

1. Use only for its intended purpose.
2. Keep away from children.
3. Avoid flipping or shaking the bag when it already contains liquids, it may cause possible leakage.
4. Do not reuse the storage bags.
5. Do not cut or change the shape of the bags.
6. When defrosting colostrum breastmilk, use warm water (around 40 °C ) by using double boiler to make temperature up to 37 °C before feeding.
7. Do not use a microwave to defrost.
8. Do not use boiling water for defrosting.
9. If the pressure changes, the package may shrink.Keep it in upright position to prevent leakage
10. Do not re-freeze breastmilk if you have already used it, and do not feed the baby with re-freezed breastmilk.
11. Use clean scissors to cut the bag and washed hands for transfering the milk.
12. For safety, do not add breast milk above the indicated line.


180 ml, 200 ml, 300 ml

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