Mother-K Bamboo Premium Breast Pads, 32 pcs. (eko-friendly, disposable)


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Organic Bamboo fabric disposable pads.
Feel gentle and lightweight bamboo fabric!
Robust stickers – wide and strong to stick and keep the liner stuck and floating.
Feeling of freshness-without artificial fragrances.
Fast absorbing fluids – even when a large amount of breast milk is attracted, a feeling of lightness is felt.
3D form – The adaptive shape of the chest, due to its unique structure.
Bamboo material is unique, gentle and safe for sensitive skin.

14 In stock


It is better than cotton due to instant absorption and bandwidth breathable. The pads of the bamboo tissue perfectly distribute breast milk and do not feel a feeling of heaviness in the jacket.

• Bamboo structure.
• Cotton structure.

The cross-section of bamboo tissue shows the number of pairs, it contains a larger surface area, which perfectly absorbs, ensures air circulation and a sense of lightness.

What is bamboo fiber fabric? Bamboo fiber is made of bamboo, which grows only in particularly clean water, where there is plenty of sunlight and no chemicals. The fabric is extremely clean, natural, absorber and soft to the touch.

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