Mother-K Honeycomb Structure Disposable Breast Pads


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Quantity-120 pcs. / 2 pcs.

Disposable pads into the bra. These pads give the mom a sense of comfort due to the high speed of fluid absorption. Suitable for mothers with sensitive skin or abundant amounts of milk.
Air circulation is an innumerable number of openings adapted for air circulation. Such a structure perfectly ventilate when the pads fit close to the chest.
From fluid absorption to a feeling of comfort. One, wide sticker. Easy to stick and easily fall off the bra.
Especially hygienic, individual packaging of pads. Water-resistant packaging.
3mm thick and lightweight pads, due to air circulation they are the perfect choice for day and night.
U-absorption band. Absorption of this form, preventing leakage over the top.


Why use Honeycolor structure pads in the bra?
The surface of these pads consists of hollow cones and is absorbed by 30 times more weight than the pads weigh. The surface of the liquid will also remain dry and breathable when absorbed. After using such a unique honeycomb structure, the pads acquire accelerated absorption, preferably stored in the inside of the liquid pads. These factors ensure comfort and enjoyment while wearing. The size of the pads gently envelops the entire mother’s breast.

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120 pcs., 2 pcs.

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