MOTHER-K Disposable Milk Storage Bags


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2 types of MOTHER-K Disposable Milk Storage Bags:

1. Disposable Milk Storage Bags (60 vnt.)
2. Disposable Feeding Bottle Storage Zipperbags (25 | 50 vnt.)

It has labels to write the date of pouring the milk or infant’s milk formula.
Made of safe materials.
Disposable Feeding Bottle Storage Zipperbags has a tight fit.

The set includes (sold separately):
• Disposable Feeding Bottle;
• Nipple (1pcs.| 2pcs) (SS | S | M | L);
• Nipple Storage Case;
• Powder milk Storage Bags;


Mother-K Disposable Milk Storage Bags, are for Disposable Feeding Bottles !

From safe materials, without toxic additives, so your baby gets only safe breast milk or infant’s milk formula.

Feeding Bottle Storage Zipperbags has a secure, double squeezing strap, that blocks well to prevent milk or the infant’s milk formula from spilling out and prevents dust and odors from getting inside.

Place for writing date and time in a convenient place and with the option to use any pen. Easy to use by dates and with that in mind feeding the baby.

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25 pcs., 50 pcs., 60 pcs.


for breast milk or milk formula, for infant's milk formula

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