Mother-K HUG Tumbler with straw


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Mother-K HUG flask A top quality drinker that kids will really love. Retains heat if you pour warmer drinks into the bottle.

New Tritano plastic EX401. V-shaped air circulation valve. Extra soft silicone straw LSR material that is suitable for straw. An easy and convenient drink for children.


The 360-degree HUG Bottle has stronger and longer-lasting properties, as well as less absorption of juice or tea stains.
The base of the flask can be sterilized.
The lid opens with the help of one button, the click is very convenient, the little ones will open
The 360-degree drinker is convenient to use and drink while lying or sitting, as the straw with the weight moves in all directions.
Drip and liquid run only pulled through the straw.
The V-shaped straw protects against dripping and air circulation.
Straight cutting of the straw prevents the rapid uptake of fluids so that the child does not choke.
The soft LSR material (liquid-adapted silicone) is a Premium-grade material for straw.

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Blue, Pink


210 ml., 300 ml.

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