Mother-K Limited edition “Basic” Weighted Straw Bottle “Muzik Tiger”


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PPSU weighted Straw Bottle, for grown-up babies!
2 amazing colors and 2 sizes with cheerful TIGERS!

• Designed for extremely simple maintenance.
• No BPA*
• Made of PPSU plastic – can be sterilized with boiling water, as well as in a sterilizer.
• Attractive and unique design that is loved by parents and children all over the world.


The “Basic” series is not only stylish, but also uniquely adapted to the child’s growth.

Safe and durable materials are used for production.
Extremely resistant PPSU* plastic does not contain BPA**
Bottles (base) can be sterilized with boiling water, as well as in a sterilizer.

*PPSU – the highest quality plastic. Used in medicine. It withstands heat particularly well.
**BPA (Bisphenol A) is a chemical substance that is often used in plastic products due to its antibacterial properties, but is harmful to the human body. Can cause diseases.

If you occasionally lose the cap, that’s no problem! The same cap, screw and handle are suitable for the entire “Basic” series.
MOTHER-K strives for simplicity and ease in parenting.

You can additionally purchase a LID if the little one has grown up and no longer wants a sippy cup – you can continue to use the bottle as a container for bulk products or to store snacks on the go.

Usage and precautions:
PPSU Bottle

· Check the temperature of the contents before feeding.
· Be careful not to use the bottle teat as a pacifier.
· Do not use a damaged teat, this can happen due to improper cleaning.
· Do not use heat and UV sterilization as this may change the color of the product.
· When using the microwave to sterilize the bottle, use a container of water in the microwave or a half-filled bottle of water. When using a microwave oven to sterilize, make sure you understand the correct disinfection method before sterilizing. Improper disinfection may cause the product to deform.
· Keep out of reach of children and use under adult supervision.
· Be sure to check the product before feeding and if the bottle or teat is damaged, replace it immediately.
· If you want to dissolve milk powder at high temperature, it may cause the content to leak through the connections, so it is recommended to use it at the right temperature.

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Navy, Cream


200 ml., 300 ml.

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