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Nipples for Mother-K PPSU bottles (1pcs / 2pcs):
A soft and advanced pacifier that is easy for baby to bite on, made of liquid silicone (LSR) material. The teat is designed to closely resemble the mother’s nipple, making it easier for the baby to adapt when it is necessary to feed with formula. Two air valves on either side of the teat reduce baby colic by controlling the amount of air entering the baby’s mouth.
• Wash and sterilize before first use (no longer than 30 seconds with boiling water).
• Do not use cleaning tools with rough surfaces.
• Wash with warm water and detergent before and after each use.
• Make sure there is no water left in the teat after rinsing.
• Do not turn the teat to the other side.

• Use only as intended.
• Use only with parental supervision.
• Do not use in a microwave oven.
• Keep out of the reach of children.
• Do not store on hot surfaces, in direct sunlight or near open flames.

Mother-K PPSU Bottle Cap (2 pcs), fits both sizes and fits all color bottles.

Mother-K PPSU Bottle Stopper (1pc), fits both sizes and fits all color bottles.

Mother-K PPSU Spout (1pc), fits both sizes and fits all color bottles.
• The product is designed for a PPSU drinker. BPA free, safe to use.
• Non-drip. Two air valves circulate as the baby draws from the bottle.
Age – from 5 months. Materials: silicone rubber.

1. Wash before use.
2. Keep away from open flames and hot surfaces.
3. Use only as intended.



Mother-K PPSU drinking straws (2 pcs.)
A soft straw that is perfect for children of all ages.
Soft straw. Made of the highest quality silicone. The shape of the straw is adapted to children, so it is very easy to get used to.
Air valve prevents backflow. One-way fluid flow. The soft straw is perfectly adapted to children’s mouths. The Mother-K drinking straw is made of the highest quality silicone (liquid-friendly silicone). The straw is suitable for small and adult children, because of its softness, children feel only comfort. This protects their teeth, gums and palate.
New from Mother-K, backflow prevention in the straw. The (+) shaped air valve controls the air pressure balance during the child’s drink, so no air is drawn in and no food remains enter the drinking bottle.
1. When you pour liquids into the bottle, the recommended temperature should be around 40℃.
How do you push the air out of a straw?
Pour the liquid inside and slowly screw the top back on. Then press the air valve hole (see picture) to expel the air from the straw.
• Do not pour hot liquids that exceed 40 degrees.
• High temperature liquids may drip.
Attention! The Mother-K drinking straw is extremely soft and gentle, so it can be damaged if precautions are not taken when washing it and leaving it for children to play with. If the drinker is not used for its intended purpose, keep it out of the reach of children. How to wash a silicone straw? Use a cleaning brush specially designed for drinking straws. Wash with circular, gentle movements. Do not wash with the brush up and back, this can cause damage. Before washing, inspect for damage and cracks around the air valve.

Mother-K PPSU drinking straw with weight (1 pc)
The straw is especially convenient for drinking in any position. Suitable for Mother-K tritan drinker.
Easy for little ones to drink. Lying or sitting, the child can drink everything to the bottom of the bottle.
A soft straw. Giving the pleasure of drinking. Children willingly take and easily learn to drink.
Does not drip or run. There is no dripping through the straw when using the bottle.
Air valve system. The modern system makes it easier to drink and does not allow air to be drawn in.
Easy to wash. A simple structure that disassembles, thus ensuring hygiene and high-quality washing.
There is also a special brush for washing the straw.
Drinker with a straw for children up to 4 years old!
A drinker with a special valve that ensures that liquids do not drip from it!
• Designed for easy maintenance, the straw is easy to disassemble. Liquids flow in only one direction – upwards, by pulling.
• No harmful PP substances! Ultra-clear bottle made of impact-resistant Tritan plastic.
• Attractive and unique design, loved by parents and children all over the world.

Mother-K PPSU Bottle Cap (2pcs), suitable for both sizes and colors of bottles.
Mother-K PPSU Bottle Cap (1pc), suitable for both sizes and fits all color bottles.
1. Wash before use.
2. Keep away from open flames and hot surfaces.
3. Use only as intended.

Mother-K PPSU Straw Cup (1pc), fits both sizes and matches all color starw cups.
1. Wash before use.
2. Keep away from open flames and hot surfaces.
3. Use only as intended.

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Nipple SS (0-2 m), 1pcs., Nipple S (2-5 m), 1pcs., Nipple M (5-8 m), 1pcs., Nipple L (from 8 m), 1pcs., Nipple SS (0-2 m), 2pcs., Nipple S (2-5 m), 2pcs., Nipple M (5-8 m), 2pcs., Nipple L (from 8 m), 2pcs., Screw, Cap, Bottle Spout, Straws, 2pcs., Straw with weight, 1pcs., Handle

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PARTS for PPSU Feeding Bottle, PARTS for PPSU Straw Cup

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